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Industrial Parks

Lachute’s industrial space can accommodate establishments of all kinds. The following list indicates the names of companies that have chosen to set up shop in one of Lachute’s three industrial parks.

For further information on Lachute’s industrial parks, contact the Town Planning Director or the MRC d'Argenteuil's Economic Development Department.

The municipal council of the City of Lachute deems it expedient to promote the establishment, construction, reconstruction, renovation, transformation and expansion of buildings in certain use categories located on the territory of the City under a program to grant assistance in the form of a tax credit.

Simon Park

Near Principale Street, at the west entrance to the city via Provincial route 148, and adjacent to Lachute’s famous flea market, this park caters mainly to small and medium-sized businesses. The city still owns some land suitable for the establishment of industries or wholesale outlets.


Located near the municipal airport, in the southwestern part of Lachute, the Airpark is easily accessible from Highway 50, via Provincial route 148 and Lefebvre Street South. It is already home to a number of companies in the field of aviation. The Airpark has several hangars where individuals park their aircraft between flights.

Motorway Park

Easily identifiable, the motorway industrial park is located at the entrance of Lachute, along Highway 50. Its accessibility to the expressway and high-bearing capacity have prompted several companies to locate there. Some city-owned lots are still available for development.

Charlebois Park

Located near Highway 50, the Charlebois Park is accessible via Route 329 and the Bethany Avenue. The park includes several eco-friendly industries, therefore establishing the first Eco-Park in the City. The city still owns some land suitable for the establishment of industries or wholesale outlets.

Ayers Park

Located in a former industrial complex dating from the late 19th century, Ayers Park has its own hydroelectric dam. Several industries are established in its heritage buildings. Ayers Park is accessible via Hamford Avenue. A few spaces are available for rent.

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