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Choose Lachute as a place to live

Choose Lachute as a place to live:

For its proximity
About 45 minutes northwest of Montréal, one hour from Gatineau, and near Mirabel, Laval and Saint-Jérôme, Lachute is at the ♥ of a highway system that will take you to all these destinations as well as other points of  interest in the Laurentians.

Healthcare just steps away

The Argenteuil Health and Services Centre, in the heart of the city, brings together the hospital, the CLSC, long-term care and a physical rehabilitation unit, under one roof.

English and French schools
The presence of English and French elementary and secondary schools is definitely a major asset for young families who decide to settle in Lachute.

Waterways and lovely green spaces
In Lachute, urban life goes hand in hand with country life and offers a full range of services.

Industrial parks with high bearing capacity
Lachute abounds in business opportunities! Come and see what we have to offer you. See the Industrial parks to learn more.

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You will love it here, READ WHAT CITIZENS SAY:

“When you live in a place, that place becomes part of you. Lachute makes changes that respects its history. This is important to me. If a tree grows without forgetting its roots, it will yield good fruit.” - Sylvain Charron


“I was born in Montréal and my first job as a teacher was at Laurentian High School. I’ve lived here for 41 years. I love Lachute, it’s a beautiful city. I also think that its bilingual side is a richness to be cultivated.” - Lise Devey


“When we were devastated by a major fire in 1999―a total loss― the industrial park helped us relocate easily and quickly. Also, even though I’m not a golfer myself, I can say that Lachute and its region is a Mecca of golf. I do some cycling; the immediate area has very beautiful trails and SamediVelo organizes its activities exceptionally well.” - Pierre Charlebois


“The Lachute region is booming but it remains rural. There are many green spaces and nature is larger than life. That’s what makes our quality of life so exceptional here.” - Sylvain Charron

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